November 21, 2012

No Posts Until December 5th- Fun Stuff in the Mean Time

It's that time of year again. No, not Thanksgiving (I'm Canadian, we already had ours :P :) ). Finals. More accurately, the time before finals when everything is due and I realize that I've been behind on my readings. Again.

There are other things along with that, like the fact that I have an oral exam I need to practise for and a room that is in desperate need of being cleaned, all resulting in a severe lack of time and energy in all areas, which causes my work to be of poorer quality. I don't want to be posting things that are crappy. Therefore, I'm going to wait until things die down before I start back up again.

But, since I won't be posting for two weeks, and I didn't want to leave it at that, I thought I'd give you some interesting material from around the web which you can enjoy at your leisure:

November 14, 2012

Adam and Eve vs. Science: Setting the Stage

Edited later to add this notice: I'm not going to be continuing with this series. For some reason, my interest in it died a horrible and entirely inexplicable death. It might revive sometime in the future, but it's definitely dead right now. And that is that.

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you'll know that I love genetics. You'll also know that I'm a Christian, and that I like to talk about the hard stuff to do with Christianity.

So, naturally, when I read a comment on Facebook where someone gave their reasons for calling the Bible a glorified science fiction book, I knew I had to tackle the subject. And, of course, I decided to pick the biggest, most important, and toughest of the topics listed:

How could the Bible possibly be right about Adam and Eve being the ancestors of all living?

November 07, 2012

How the Value of Art is Like the Meaning of Life

Dear five year old me,

I discovered the point of art! Remember when you were wondering why you even kept those stickers in your sticker book? Sure, they were pretty, and it was nice to open up the book and look at them, but they didn't do anything for you.

What would happen if you had all the stickers in the world that you loved and then there were no more to gain? You'd have walls and books and bedframes full of stickers, and you wouldn't be happy with them. Once you had them, all you could do with them was look at them sometimes, and what was the gain in looking? What did that do for anything? They couldn't do anything to add value to the world; they would just sit there and look back at you as if to ask:

November 01, 2012

Does Change Need to Be So Stressful?

I almost didn't write a post tonight, because I'm upset. And I would really love to blame everyone else but myself, but the truth is that I am responsible for my own life.

Before you get too worried, I'll be okay. I'm just not feeling great.

I've been trying to make changes in my life, most notably how I manage my time, and I've discovered that there are two ways of going about that: