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Social Networks (in order of activity):

Twitter: @XpectAberration

Goodreads: Thea van Diepen

Google+: Thea van Diepen

Other blogs:
Written Arpeggios (has a lot of flash fiction, a complete multi-part story, excerpts from my Camp NaNo novel Hidden in Sealskin, and poems from "Dreaming of Her and Other Stories" which are being posted every Friday) *formerly: Arpeggios for Writers

Drawing in Colour (where I put up my art I'm creating for Art Every Day Month)

Guest Posts (in reverse chronological order):
"Being from Paradise Means You're... Legless?": The blog of Liana Brooks

"Why So Fascinated?": The blog of Sue Santore

Other Blog Appearances:
"Q&A with Thea van Diepen": Every Day an Adventure

Creative Content (in order of amount of things available):

deviantART: Irionuib

Youtube channel: Xpect Aberration (my username on there is Irionuib)

Email: expected (dot) aberrations (at) gmail (dot) com

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