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Be prepared to enter a vast array of worlds. Each one contains echoes of our own, but never enough to be comfortable. Never enough to be entirely familiar; never enough to be entirely safe. As you enter into the stories and poems of this collection, you will discover that reality goes farther than what we can see, and further than we have ever known.

It's time to go down the rabbit hole.

Overall, this is surrealist. Individual genres include fantasy, science fiction, magical realism, and just plain surrealism.

What others have said:
"poetic, beautifully written and profound"
~Lewinna Solwing, on "Who is the River?"

"Starting into [Dreaming of Her and Other Stories] is like stepping through a gateway into another world..." 
"...I found myself waiting for some subtle twist to shift my understanding." 
~Erin Kurup, Remade by Hand and Erin Reads

Read some for yourself:
The early drafts of many of the flash fiction stories and the final version of several poems can be found in the Dreaming of Her and Other Stories tag on my other blog, Written Arpeggios* (just scroll down for previous entries).

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Works in Progress:

To get a cure for a mad unicorn, an outlaw must steal a sealskin from a lord, but the sealskin isn't what it seems… and neither is anything else.

Book 1 of a series (name undecided).

Genre: Fantasy

Current state of progress: In the midst of being edited.

Read some for yourself:
All the excerpts for this story can be found on Written Arpeggios* under the "NaNoWriMo" tag (just scroll down past the post about my Camp NaNo results).

Also in progress: The rest of the fantasy series.

Waiting attentively for something above to be finished:

"Niobe" (working title) A warrior with shapeshifting abilities must make peace with her past before her alternate personality can help a magic-mad cult leader make her worst nightmares come true. Fantasy.

"Vjaited" (working title) Vjaited and his sister, Laior, are studying the magic storms that plague their country when a boiling pot of politics an unexpected discovery lead Vjaited to do the unthinkable. Fantasy.

A super seekrit project. 2,372 words written so far.

*formerly Arpeggios for Writers