January 30, 2012

Author Interview: Emily Casey

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's time for:

12 Questions with Thea! (Because 20 questions is just too mainstream)

Our victim interviewee: Emily Casey

Why: Not only is she so awesome that she shares a birthday with Madeleine L'Engle, but her first book is out, and it's fabulous!

Book blurb: "Ivy has always been afraid of mirrors, but she never knew why. Then one of them sucks her into the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast." -from Emily's website.

(This interview is a part of Emily's blog tour. The next stop is tomorrow at: Robert Marion's blog, and it's an interview with Ivy! :D)

1) What gave you the idea for this series? (It's got a really cool premise, btw)

January 22, 2012

Becoming Who I Already Am

I found some old sketchbooks of mine that I filled up years ago, and decided I'd go through them from the very beginning and see how my drawings have changed. It felt very nostalgic, remembering drawing all those pictures. Then, as I came to the end, I realized something interesting about my writing, including this blog. In order to explain this better, I'm going to talk about horses.

First, the best picture of a horse I've drawn to date (please ignore how dark the signature is; I'll make it better when my computer is more cooperative):

January 06, 2012

Guest Post is Live!

For those that haven't yet checked it out, my guest post on Sue Santore's blog is online! And it's about monsters. :)

Read it here!

January 01, 2012

I Have a Confession to Make...

I'm sorry to say that I haven't been taking blogging as seriously as I should have. When I started, I thought that the only things that were really necessary were writing as regularly as possible, making the blog look pretty, and writing about things that I thought were cool. While all these are wonderful things that really do help make a blog work, there was just one thing that I was missing:


To be completely honest, I've felt claustrophobic every time I entertained the notion of deciding what this blog was actually about. It frightened me, because I thought that, if I decided on something, I make things too narrow, and I would cut out most of the things that I'm passionate about and that I could talk about for hours on end simply because I think they're just so darn fantastic. All my interests felt mutually exclusive, like choosing one would be denying everything else, and that terrifies the heck out of me.

Let me tell you something I've never told anyone else. Being told I must decide what to do with my life gives me so much fear that I want to high-tail it to the farthest of far corners of the earth, so that the person who mentioned it can never, ever find me. Laugh if you want, but picking a career is the stuff of nightmares. I'm afraid of just thinking about it.

Right now, my entire body is shaking, my heart is trying to beat its way out of my chest, and my fight-or-flight response has kicked into high gear. You could tell me I'm going to die tomorrow, and I wouldn't be as utterly frightened as I am right now.